$ share-term.me

Share terminal sessions with your friends.

$ npm install share-term -g


The main reason I created Share Term is that I wanted a simple and accessible solution for real time collaboration for terminals. If your collaborators are geeks, like you, they can access your terminal using their terminals. If not, your friends can watch your mad science inside of the browser and request remote control if that's needed.

I wrote here an introduction into the Share Term service.

The Share Term projects are open source on GitHub, excepting the Bloggify core which is still closed source.

  • Share-Term.me content – a repository that contains the content of this website. If you find a typo or anything to improve the content on this site, please submit the changes there.
  • Share-Term Bloggify Plugin – this is a Bloggify plugin which powers the server side of the Share Term.
  • Mini Theme – the Bloggify theme that is used on this website.
  • Share Term Client – the Share Term client written in NodeJS.

If you like, support Share Term now or give feedback how can be improved this service.