Hello World

Hi there! I'm Ionică Bizău and I'm happy to write the first article on this blog.

I have been working for few weeks on this service: Share Term – a tool for sharing the terminal sessions in browser and in another terminal, also with the possibility of requesting remote control.

Below you can see a list of projects that power Share Term:

  • Bloggify – the high-level website and blogging framework which is behind Share Term
  • Socket.IOShare Term uses it for real time updates via web sockets, fallbacking to HTTP requests
  • pty.js – an awesome low-level library for creating a pseudo-terminal on your machine.

Big thanks to Brightbox that hosts this website on their servers, providing speedy and good quality services. Also, Thanks to GitHub, for the Student Pack providing one year .me domain registration.

That is all for now. Coming soon with how to install and use Share Term.